Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've had so many interesting nightmares lately.

  1. Aliens descended onto Rundle Mall and began surrounding us.
    They look quite like those Aliens from well... 'Aliens'.


    I watched in horror as they began slaughtering and feasting on us. It was chaotic! People were running everywhere! I just stood there in horror, unable to move.
    Then, this dog came out of nowhere, attacked one of the aliens, giving me an opportunity to escape. I ran and ran, climbed up walls of houses (Yes, amazing) and finally, into this house to hide.
    The owner comes out and he's pissed. He thinks that I could lead those monsters to his home. He tells me to hide somewhere else.
    I was about to leave when I saw THE DOG THAT SAVED ME!
    I tried to persuade the owner to lend me the dog so we can save the world together!
    Owner gets pissed and ignores me.
    One Republic's 'Apologize' plays in the background and I realized that it was my alarm ringtone.
    Did not get to save the world with dog. Booo.

  2. Had several dreams about ghosts in toilets.
    One was my old primary school toilet. I experienced something there once so.. I often have dreams about it.
    The other one is recurring dream of this block of apartments with haunted toilets.
    Fortunately for you, I don't really want to recall these dreams.

  3. Steve, my co-supervisor, getting extremely frustrated with me. When I tried to explain myself, he just rolled his eyes, shrugged his shoulders and refused to listen.
    THIS IS A TERRIBLE DREAM! Okay, it's not interesting but it's terrible!!
    Steve is such a mild-mannered and patient man. I was so disappointed in my dream :(

  4. Someone forced me to eat fried chicken!!
    I bit into it and it tasted bland and really oily. EUGHHHHHHH!
    In case you don't know/ have forgotten, I is vegetarian.

Hmmm... I think that's about it.
If you think, these are strange.. well, let me tell you about this particular one where time turned back and my brother and I changed into dinosaurs. He was a triceratops (I think it was because he used to like the Blue Ranger of the Power Rangers).. I don't know what I was because we don't have mirrors in the dinosaur age! -__-

Anyway!! We had to fend off a black peradactyl that kept swooping over us. We think it was trying to eat us!
After much running, we were cornered but the peradactyl turned out to be our "mom" so we didn't get eaten :)

Umm.. I also dreamt once that I was out with my best friend when this pink Hello Kitty wallet (!!!) kept following me! Well, it's not like it floated behind me or anything, it's that wherever I turn, it was there; a pink Hello Kitty wallet lying there!!!
Apparently, it was possessed by a ghost. HAHAA!
Bet you can't top that one!

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