Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thirst for bloodshed


Now, a lot of you may think I'm a wee bit too small or a wee bit too unathletic to be running around with a heavy weapon,
then you... might actually be right.

But that didn't stop me!

Pint-sized warrior!

And being small is great! Because it makes me a harder target!
I am usually the one who lasts the longest from my team.

But being small also meant that I was not taken seriously.
I wanted to be the team leader but they just lauged.

But when I joked that our team should be named the 'rainbow unicorns' and they didn't laugh.
My team has a bad sense of humour! >=(


Anyway we were split into two teams; differentiated by either green or black masks.
There were three different terrain maps and several games to be played in each map.

One particular game was called 'Shoot the President'.
Each team had to assign a president (who gets to wear a tacky fluorescent bib).
The mission is to shoot down the opponent's president while protecting your own president.

Yes, I was president.
Yes, I get to wear a tacky bib.

But it hella fun!!

I was scared initially but once I got over the fear,
the adrenaline rush was such a thrill!

I was perhaps the most *cough* unfit person in the group.
My hands probably get the most exercise (typing, hailing down the bus, etc.)

Despite getting hit once or twice but I've found bruises over my knees and even one on my pinky! :(

Either I was immune to the pain when I got shot in those areas
(which is unlikely as I screamed bloody murder when I got shot in the arm)
or I must have gotten them from crawling on the ground.

Yes. I crawled.
What is so unbelievable about that??

Anyho, I managed to bring one of my opponents down.
WOO HOO! *prances*

I am lethal!

I also managed to shot my teammate in the arm. *sheepish grin*

Accidentally of course!!

Adam's battle scars! Green vegetable-oil gunk on his cheek.

Three hours whizzed by and one by one, our paintballs ran out.
I was really tired by the end of it.
Surprisingly, the boys didn't have enough and decided to have a 3-hour gaming session later that night where they get to pretend that they're soldiers and all-macho again.

Boys will be boys, aye?

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