Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The cuteness!

Sharon saved some puppies!

Look at how cute they are!


Anyway, this reminded me of a time when my friend, Yong Hwee (and housemate at the time) and I, rescued a puppy when we were studying in Klang.

No, no... don't applaud us yet.

Think we were having dinner at a restaurant in the vicinity of our apartment when we noticed a slightly chubby puppy stroll outside the glass walls. It looked lost, alone and hungry.


We decided to wait to see whether its mommy/owner would come.

We finished our meals and half an hour after that, we took matters into our own hands and saved it.

It didn't complain when Yong Hwee picked it up.

It didn't complain when we pet it and fed it.

But it sure hell did complain the minute we went out of its sight.

That's when the puppy became extremely annoying.


We named it "Chingu" which means "friend" in Korean because at the time Yong Hwee and I were obssessed with anything Korean.
Anyho, Chingu didn't stay with us for long.

Because it had a wound on its back and with each passing day, the wound got bigger and bigger.

Yong Hwee and I were just students. There was no way we have transport or the money for a visit to the vet.


We put it back where we found it.

The End.

Yeah, I know. It broke our hearts but we didn't know what to do!
Plus, it probably had worms :(
See, this is why we do not deserve your applause.

We didn't see or hear from it after that so I guess we'll never know what happened to it.


Moral of the story:
Do not give into the cuteness.

But let's end this on a happier note, shall we?

The owners of this piglett put her in boots because she's afraid of mud!

Imagine that! :D
Almost makes you not want to eat bacon!
Ok, probably not >.>

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