Friday, November 21, 2008

Blinky the three eyed fish

One of the things on my overdue list of 'things to do' was to get my eyes checked.
For the past several months, I was straining my right eye whenever I wore my contacts. At the end of the day, my eyes would hurt and I'd get pretty woozy.

Not good.

So I made a point to book an appointment right after I completed Honours. I went around and found that on average, it costs $60 to do an eye-test and additional $60 for a contact lens test.

Anyway, the optometrist that I wanted to see wasn't in so he called me the next day and we had a small chat. Apparently, the contact lens I was using contained 38% water content, which is low and is NOT ideal for the eyes! The water content is important to ensure more oxygen can enter the eyes to ensure healthy eyes.

Imagine that! I've been using these 'low water content' lenses for the past 6 - 7 years. Sigh.
Why have all the other optometrists fail to tell me this? I know this partly my fault, due to my own ignorance but all those years and not a word of warning that lenses could be damaging my eyes?! ARGH!

Anyho, the next day I went in and met Dr. Simpson. We discovered that the contact lenses I was using were too loose for my eyes, in the sense that, whenever I turn my gaze from one direction to another my lenses took a while to follow, thus my vision is impaired for a split second or two. This was problematic as it is an additional strain to the eyes.

I also learn that when I blink, my eyelids cover only 80% of my eyes before they retract. This means that only 80% of my contact lenses are "cleaned" whenever I blink. I also learnt that I am likley to be 'left-eye dominant'; my left eye plays a larger role in vision. Alright, you may not find it so interesting but I sure did.

Dr. Simpson was great. He was patient and understanding. Plus he only charged me a consulation free of $30. Awesomous! Now I've got new lenses that fit well and I see so much better. I really have to start taking good care of my eyes. Afterall, I've only got one pair :)


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