Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bling bling balls

I'm not a christian but Christmas is one of the best holidays ever!

I remember decorating christmas trees as a young child when we lived with a christian family.
We were made to write to Santa once. I wrote, that because I've been such an awfully good girl, I should get a Barbie doll, a collection of her clothes, a Barbie doll house AND a red Barbie car for her to cruise around in.
We were all greedy when we were kids, okay? (=_=)
I was pretty disappointed when I only received a Barbie doll and a separate Princess Barbie outfit. I thought Santa was a big cheat then.

After that, we were not made to write to Santa anymore.

Anyway, this year for christmas, Josh wanted to get a tree!

It's actually pretty tall. A total of 180cm in height.

Kyaah! Look at the pretty ornaments!! (*.*)

We also got a can of fake snow and sprayed it all over the tree.

Very pretty, no?


The photo here really doesn't do it justice!
I'm really happy with the results (as I have awesome decorating skills).

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