Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dong Dong Chiang!

Is it me or is XiaXue just going too far with all the tantrums she's been throwing around in her blog?
Meh. Who really cares?

Alright, this blog hasn't been updated in a long while.
My apologies :)

That's because I've been addicted to this game called Pet Society.
It's a facebook application created by Playfish.

Games from Playfish are so addictive!

Or perhaps I get addicted easily.

I could have a long thing and analyze all this but I think I rather go play Pet Society.

Anyway, I'll be home for Chinese New Year!
Woo HOo!! Time to collect my $$$!
I need money! I'm going broke and I'm unemployed!

Sigh.. the Australians have predicted a higher unemployment rate for the year 2009 due to the recession. Does this mean there's a big possibility that I may have to haul my butt back to Brunei and work there?

Not if I can help it! >=(

Anyway, see you all in Brunei soon, my Bruneian friends!
Don't ask me when. I won't tell you! *sticks tongue out and prances around like an idiot*

1 comment:

shinichi said...

haha.. Happy Chinese New Year!

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