Friday, March 13, 2009


It's Friday. I'm unemployed and bored.

So why not head to Glenelg for some fun?
I love walking along the shorelines while eating ice cream!
And I love Glenelg's "Beach House" with all its arcade games, mini golf, water slides and other little fun rides!

Anyway, Josh was particularly really eager as he was looking forward to a "Tekken 6" arcade game rematch because he has never won me before!


And again, I kick his ass!

Josh: 0
Lisha: 4

^The Loser.

Oh, he did win one round this time though. Usually I'd defeat him in two rounds.
It was cause I was trying out the "ultimate" power combo but it took too much time for the character to power up.

Actually, the reason why Josh keeps losing is because he cannot predict anything.
I simply mash the buttons together. I just go in for the kill.
My motto: "Hesitate and you die."


We also played "Deal or no Deal"
The first we played, we ended up with only $10.

Not satisfied with not winning a single arcade ticket (which is redeemable for some prizes), we played again! And this time, we ended up with $500,000 = 50 tickets!

If only it was real moneh.
We had a total of 60 tickets from previous visits. We're trying to collect as many as possible! :D

Anyho! Another game we tried was a small arcade game. It had a sign which went, "Try it! You're a winner anyway!"
Which is very attractive to me, because I hate losing.

Anyway, the game was about a short row of lights that would circle around endlessly and all you have to do is try to capture one between two arches. If you don't, it doesn't matter, you'll get some tickets anyway! :D

Yes. Tickets.

So Josh tried it. He didn't get the first time. He hates losing too so he tried again.
This time, he caught it between the two arches. The game began to make loud high-pitched noises. I stepped back because it was attracting too much attention.
Josh was mad because it was just noisy but didn't spit out a single ticket.
It wasn't long before it started spewing out tickets.
My jaw dropped as it kept going and going.

It gave us 144 tickets.

I only captured a bit of the ticket-churning machine. I was shocked most of the time. lol.

Again, if it only real moneh.

Now we're so much closer to getting that remote controlled helicopter! WOO HOO!


Mingming said...

GOOD LUCK job hunting cousin!:)
OOoo..I played deal or NO deal as well! it's so addicting!! and I get so into it I debate with my friend about probabilites and such...
haha..anyhooo I had enough tickets to get myself a blue little porcupine which I've named HOWIE..after the host!:)

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Aww... how cute!! A little porcupine! :D
We don't have stuffed toys as prizes :( which is why the only thing worth exchanging our tickets for are some water guns or the uber cool remote control helicopter!

Yes, I agree that Deal or No deal is addictive! I would LOVE to go onto the show one day! But I have really crap luck so will probably one of those people who end up with $5 or so!! LOL

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