Friday, March 27, 2009

My precioussssss

*Mega prancing*

Here it is! My thesis, finally printed and bound! :D

My precious...
Love how the gold just seems to gleam!

As a reward for getting it all done, I treated myself to Korean Ice Cream!

It tasted more like cherry than watermelon though.
The "seeds" were red beans which is an interesting twist to a rather fruity treat.

Speaking of Korean!
Twinno Yenny sent me a present from Korea!

Cute little cards as she couldn't decide on one! XD
They are uber adorable!

Pots of glittery eyeshadows ♥

Lipgloss! ♥

Apple shaped bottle containing hand cream! ♥

Handmade soap! ♥

She's seriously too nice to me (T.T)
Image Hosted by

She might also think I stink (hence soap) but I honestly think it's because she just simply adores me. Well, who wouldn't think so? *flutters eyelashes*
Thank you so much Yenners :3
You are totally awesome!! ♥♥

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