Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Playfish games

I totally love facebook application games by Playfish!!
Especially the new game, Restaurant City!

Give these a try! Surefired way to cure your boredom!
Unless you don't have a facebook account.. (WHY NOT????)
There are a number of games to suit different tastes!

Think you're savvy with words? Try Word Challenge.

Test how awesome your Geography really is with Geo Challenge. I totally suck at this one!!

Fancy yourself as the next Tiger Woods?? Then try out Mini Golf Party.

Or if you prefer bowling then have a look at Bowling Buddies

Create a virtual pet and custom design its house with Pet Society! It's awesome!

Run your own restaurant with Restaurant City! Design your restaurant and trade ingredients with your friends!

A word of warning though! They are addictive! @_@

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