Monday, May 18, 2009

I dare you

... to not sing along to this song.

I would have to say that the video makes it so much more likeable!

I could not resist the urge to sing and dance along. *points* *clap clap* *points* *clap*

And damm, Park Jin-Young (the dude who sang first) sounds like an Asian version of James Brown! For those of you who didn't know, he's the producer, CEO and founder of JYP Entertainment: the place that gave birth to Rain (whatever happened to him?), Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM (HAHA!), G.O.D, etc.


Joshua said...

u like this too?

i first heard it from a fren who cant stop singing the chorus, and doing the hand gestures and a lil dance...

then i ask from him the song and wala! i am also addicted. lolx!

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Yeah! It's quite addictive!
I've shown it to a couple of my friends and they're hooked too.

The video's quite amusing, the song's pretty catchy and the dance moves are simple, cute but effective! Everything in you need in a hit song! :D

Joshua said...

yeah ;-)

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