Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Lord of the Phones

Now I'm definitely not one who'd go crazy over the latest technology. I've always opted for basic functions over the latest 'I'm-so-cool-and-shiny-worship-me' gadgets.
BUT the iPhone really makes me swoooooooon.


Alright, alright.. when Apple announced that they were going to release the iPhone, there was a mad frenzy. I was unfazed by it.

In fact, everytime anyone mentions it, large bold wordings of OVERRATED would flash in my head and I would have to resist the urge to roll my eyes.

I had automatically assumed that like the iPod, the iPhone too was overrated.

Then I watched an advert on TV, displaying its functions and many applications.
The first ad was directed at surfers but was a good demonstration of its use.

Using an application, you could check out the waves and tides then use the GPS system to map out your directions, calculate the gas used and split it among your mates!


I played with Rudi's iPhone and was amazed at the range of applications that you could download and use. There were so many tools, utilities and games!

Plus it's pretty cheap too! With a plan (by Optus), you pay about $57 per month over a period of 2 years! (That includes about $300? worth of credit too!)

Me wants.
Even though I don't surf or own a car.

One day.
One day.

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