Sunday, June 21, 2009

Melon Candy



I was in this Korean store with Josh, paying for our purchases when I noticed a box of cute brightly-coloured candies shaped in hearts, fruits, etc on the counter.

I instinctively pointed out a cute candy to Josh, "Ahhhh! A watermelon candy! How cute!!!"

The Korean man behind the register looked up upon hearing me and promptly handed me the watermelon candy!

I was actually quite embarrassed when I realized he was giving it to me for free. But he misread the expression on my face and thought I wanted a different candy, so gestured for me to pick another one. I quickly declined and thanked him several times for the sweet.

After we paid for our goods, he then gave Josh two small mandarin oranges. Maybe he didn't want Josh to feel left out for not getting anything. Hehehe!

Josh couldn't help laughing and teasing me because he said that the man must have assumed that I was just a kid by the instantaneous delighted reaction to candies.

Hey! Laugh all you want.. I may be a kid but I'm a kid with a glossy red watermelon candy! *prances*


And truth to be told, I don't actually like candies that much. But I am always tempted to get them because they're glossy and so pretty!

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