Sunday, June 28, 2009


Vandalism! Rawwwrgghhh! >=(

This incident actually took place on Wednesday, 24th June, but still.. Arrwgghh!!
It makes me mad when I think about it.

As some of you may know, Josh works in a golf resort in Melbourne. I received a text from him saying that they had just caught three high school students vandalizing the golf course and were waiting for the police to arrive.

It turns out they had hijacked a golf cart and sped through the course, as detailed in this diagram below (which was done by Josh btw, I thought it was cute. Hehe!)

Basically, they drove the cart around (1 and 2) and tried to "fly" over some grass bunkers (3 and 4). In doing so, they broke a wheel (5) and drove it towards the tee off area where they ditched the cart (6). They also abused a golf flag by snapping it in half.

Poor broken cart. One of its wheel's damaged, and the windscreen has been taken apart.

Damaged flag pole

Fortunately, one of Josh's co-workers noticed the missing cart and went on a hunt for it. He caught the boys red-handed and dragged them into the office.

One of them was already in trouble for stealing and destroying golf flags on a number of prior occasions. He was supposed to be accompanied by his principal that very day to apologize but instead, he played truant, took his two buddies along to do more damage to the golf course.

Seriously! What an idiot!

The boys' school is located next to the golf course so it was an easy target for those troublemakers. Unfortunately, there are more misfits where they came from. I think the boys named names. So the police informed all of their parents, then threatened to put the kids in a slammer for a night or two. Too bad, they didn't.

Their principal and some of the parents called to apologize, and asked what they could do. Apparently one of the boys will be made to help fix the damages.

Unfortunately it didn't end too well because on their way back to school, they managed to snap off another flag.

*rolls up sleeves and waves angry fist in the air*

OoooooOOOO!! >=(
Those boys aren't going to learn, are they? I'm only afraid that they'll just come back and do even more damage than before.

Bugger. Let's hope they'll get their just deserts soon! >=(

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