Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The story so far


It has been a hell of a week.

I've officially moved to Melbourne and have started my part-time work placement.

The people at the lab are warm, genuine and lovely so it's been great! I feel very welcomed and loved :D

Unfortunately, I have a terrible sense of direction. I am puzzled by Melbourne's bus system and feel utterly defeated. *hides face in shame*

The Medical Centre where I was undertaking my work experience was a good 40 minutes' walk away from where I currently reside. For the first day, I felt adventurous.

"40 mins??? Well, no problem. I can walk there."

To be honest, I got there to the gates of the Medical Centre within 35 minutes!
Only problem was that the lab I was working in was situated wayyyyy beyond the gates of the Medical Centre. I tried going through the Medical Centre, hoping to find some sort of shortcut but I FAILED. I tried going around the building but I ended up in their vast car park filled with seemingly endless number of cars, so I tried the other side. Eventually, I got into the lab. In all, it took me an additional 25 minutes to get from the gates to the lab.

So perhaps walking isn't ideal?

I took the bus.

I got off the wrong stop. I got lost.

After telling my story to the other staff members, a collegue was kind enough to show me the correct stop and the correct bus to alight. Unfortunately, I didn't know where to stop.


I ended up in some suburb; cold, hungry and alone.

Thank God for Josh and his car.

Perhaps there should be classes on public transport for people like me.
I might fail it though.

Oh well.

I guess I will have to bring out a map with me wherever I go.

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Lewis WynCarroll said...

u will get by well soon enuf. dun be too disheartened wor. =) jia you!

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