Monday, September 28, 2009

First week of hell

I've offically survived my first week at my new job.

They've thrown me into the deep end. I had to learn everything from helping out with reception; taking calls, posting out orders, filing and updating patients' cards, writing out medicare (health) receipts, handling the cash register and eftpos machine, like I work in some office, AND THEN I had to learn how to do scalp treatments, preparing IV drips, reagents, sterilizing operating equipment, and also eventually learn how to set up and assist in the operating theater.


I've made a lot of mistakes but most people were rather patient and understanding :)

And when I say they've thrown me into the deep end, they let me do a hair scalp treatment myself on the first day after one observation (T__T)

AND on Friday, NO ONE but Sean and I were in (some of the staff goes to the East Melbourne clinic on Tues, Thurs and Fridays, and it so happened that the usual remaining staff were on holidays or working overseas).

Sean works in the back, he's the sales/design person so I was left to handle most things myself. As he knew how everything work, he helped me whenever I cried out his name.. which was like 80% of the time.


But I also very proud of myself for being able to handle some of the things without too much help. Hoorah!
Unfortunately, I go home every night wondering if I've sent out the right items/medicine, and whether I missed out anything.

There's a lot to learn but it's definitely a fascinating job. Sometimes I'm running frantically around, other times it gets really quiet and I have nothing to do.. which feels really weird.

I've already had a run-in with an infamous and flaky patient. There's a lot of stories to tell, as each patient is different. Some are really nice and sweet, others are really arrogant and mean.

I have to work on some Saturdays as well, it's only for half a day so, after working two Saturdays, I can have a day off :)

To go shopping maybe :D


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Lewis WynCarroll said...

sing 'i will survive' =)

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