Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm absolutely fuming right now! ARGH!

There's a one-day only sale going on in Chadstone Shopping Centre today so I thought I'd pop in to have a look. I also decided to get the hem of my pants shortened in one of the stores in Chadstone, and apply for Medicare while I waited.

Now I checked the website of the clothes alteration store and they said that they can shorten pants within an hour or it's free. Coolies!

I also made a call this morning to Medicare to find out the documents required to apply for one. I then set out to Chaddy for my shopping spree!!

I had it all planned out; I'd drop my pants to be altered, then deal with Medicare. Later on, I'd shop for a bit, pick up my pants and shop some more.

But nooooooo... apparently the store's too busy to finish my pants today. Get this.. it'll cost me $21.90 AND I have to pick it up on Friday night. WTF. Three whole days to have my pants shortened?! Strangely enough, a Causasian lady was having her skirt fitted and was told that she can pick it up tomorrow.


I brushed it off and headed to Medicare. Alas, the man over the counter said that I don't have all the documents. He won't process anything until I provide him with an evidence of the payment of my visa.
What???! I called up earlier and I wasn't informed of this!!

Well, that's just great. Just great. >=(


Mingming said...

Awww..well cousin, bad days like this make GOOD days so much better!:)
but I must say...What a waste of time..not intending to rub it in.

LishyWishy ♥ said...

LOL! Yes, that's very true!

Definitely a waste of precious shopping time! LOL
It's just annoying since I've tried to prepare all the relevant documents beforehand, only to find out that I have to travel back home for one piece of paper.

Ah wells. Everything's sorted now, so it's all good! :)

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