Sunday, October 04, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty...

Who's this??


My housemate's friend left his cat, Jasmine, with us for 3 weeks.
Now I'm not a cat lover but this cat is really adorable.
She's so pampered, she just purrs at the sight of a human, looking for a head pat.
If you ignore her, she then proceeds to rub her head all over you, in order to get your attention.

She also loves ruffing my quilt with her claws (-____-)

before sleeping the day away

But she's so cute! No one in the house is a cat lover but she has definitely grown on us.
Only one more week left before she goes :(


Lewis WynCarroll said...

she is pretty =)

LishyWishy ♥ said...

yeah, she's very pretty and she knows it! LOL
Sadly, her owner came and took her back not too long ago.. sigh... :(

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