Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lala Land

I apologize for not updating. I've been pretty busy and the last thing I want to do is edit, resize photos and upload them.

Fortunately, I have today off! HURRAH! *prances
I don't really have plans today :3
But think I will go shopping later! :D
It's been a while since I woke up at 10am and don't have to rush anywhere!!

Anyway, without further ado, I shall now present you glorious pictures of recent events that have occurred in a non-chronological order!!


Joshua's Birthday! Happy Birthday darling! <3

 We went for a picnic in the Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens!

He also got a very yummy Mars bar cake! *salivates

Yong Hwee's Birthday!

I got a little tipsy because I had red wine and then German beer. Heee.
It was a great night! It's always enjoyable to dine and celebrate with friends :)

Birthday Girl and her German Beer.

Am very happy to meet up with old friends and also Veronica Yow!!
I remember when she came over to visit Yong Hwee in Klang. At the time, Yong Hwee and I were housemates.Yong Hwee's goldfish died and I had to fish it out!! We then tried to bury it but in the end, dumped it in the trash.

 Cheers to you, babe! <3

Oh! And a housemate, Ying also had a birthday celebration!
Her friends came to surprise her at 11.45pm. We woke her up and really gave her a shock. HEHEHE!

If only I could show you each balloon we drew on!! Am so proud of my creations!! *smug face
Happy birthday dear!! <3

Okay! What else??

In the past two months, I've bought a lot of stuff!!

My Korean clothes!! Totally love my rose printed summer dress!! Kyaaaa~
Love my checked shirt! Love my denim shorts! Love my star loop earrings!!!
So what did I not love?
Well, the shoes are great but a bit too painful to wear for too long :P

I also bought myself a PINK nintendo DS Lite as there was a special offer I could not refuse!
It came with a free game and accessories pack! WOOTS!

Since then, I bought myself the Brain Training game. Initially my brain is of a 35 year old!!!
Now my brain is of a 20 year old!!
Well, on good days anyway.

MMmm... I also bought a portable air-conditioning unit from Ebay!
It's heaven I'm telling ya! I am sooooo glad I bought it.

It saves me from sweating out on those hot nights!
It sure feels like summer already -____-

Whatever happened to Spring?! It's my favourite season but it seemed like a prolonged Winter and then skipped to Summer.

Went to the D.F.O (Direct Factory Outlet, you noobs) and bought myself a pretty necklace!! Don't really fancy the matching earrings but it came in a set.. so oh well.

I also bought some make-up brushes from the Body Shop!

These brushes are from their award-wining range and best of all.. they aren't made from any animal hair/fur!!

Hmmm.... that's pretty much all that I can think of at the moment.
Well, I bought some shoes and slippers but didn't take photos. Am too lazy to anyway.

Now, about my life!!

I'm thoroughly enjoying my job! I like most of my colleagues so I'm pretty happy! :D
Moreover, I don't get bored easily as there's lots to do and each day is different!

I'm happy earning my own money and spending it :P

Am still happy and together with Joshua :)

He thinks I am crap at feeding people.

So, now I just need to get out there and explore Melbourne, and meet new friends along the way!!
OH. I also need a haircut.

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