Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chrissy Sale!!


I love sales! :D

Bought two pairs of shoes, one at half priced!

A pair of cream slingback pumps for AU$90

Cute ballet flats for AU$30! These are very comfy :3

Pearl headband for AU$8!
Me love pearls!

A pretty necklace with a pin-on lacey flower for AU$20 :)

And the other day, I bought a black sequin fedora for AU$15!
I love it so much!

It sounds like I've been spending a lot lately huh?
I'd better be careful with the spending, otherwise I'd end up in the poor house (T.T)

1 comment:

LaugHinG piLLzzz said...

ooo! i recognize the necklace!

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