Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cut cut cut. Snip snip snip. Stitch Stitch Stitch.


Dr. Yang, our cosmetic surgeon who's based in China came for three days to do these surgeries:
  1. Labiaplasty (Yes, you read that right. I have never seen another woman's vajayjay till then. It was very disturbing to watch someone cut it up. Made me cross my legs involuntarily the whole time.)

  2. Rhinoplasty (In this case, Dr. Yang carved a material and stuffed it up her nose to make it high and straight)

  3. Facelifts (In fact, two facelifts. And I thought the labiaplasty was bad. I was so wrong. I guess it was because I had to assist Dr. Yang by lifting sections of the the patient's face up while he performed the stitching under the flesh. Am still quite traumatized.)

  4. Fixing two eye surgeries:
    One was a botched-up double-eye lid performed by some other doctor.
    The other was to remove stitches (and also extra fat + tissues) from a previous surgery that was causing this particular patient's eyelid to be hitched up far too high, thus this patient could not close the eye properly.

This Sunday I will be assisting Dr.Yang while he tackles to repair some damaged muscles, which resulted from a previous botched-up breast implant surgery.

I am physically and mentally drained already.

Will definitely be sleeping before 10pm tonight.


Lewis WynCarroll said...


Mingming said...

omgosh..this made me laugh.
ur a trooper missy...this def. doesnt run in the family because I sure didn't get those set of gutsy genes.
I think I would be closing my legs too watching a ...what did u call it again..labiasectomy??


LishyWishy ♥ said...

LOL! I definitely do not think I inherited any gutsy gene either!!!

I was pretty terrified at the time. Still feel queasy just thinking about it too. *shudders*

I guess... I'll eventually get used to it, like how I got used to the liposuctions >.<

The labiaplasty was very interesting. The lady was VERY happy with the results. We usually take before and after shots. This time, we took some photos DURING the surgery... looking back at them just makes me lose my appetite.

Lewis WynCarroll said...

oops! :p

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