Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tis the season to be jolly

I've gotten an early chrissy present from dear twinno Yenny! ^O^

All the way from Korea!

She sent me three pretty earrings and a card

which is..



According to Yenny, it says "No Entry. Only for special people." which is really cute.
But what does underwear have anything to do with Christmas??! LOL!!!

Anyway, these are the earrings she got me!


Thank you very much twinno!!!<3
I wore them right away! :P

Met up with Yong Hwee for dinner and she handed me some cookies she baked!

Very pretty ya?? :D
Thank you so much Yong Hwee!!


And after pestering Josh to set up the christmas tree, we finally did it last week! :D

We even got fairy lights!! So pretty!

The camera doesn't do it justice. It's really pretty to look at! :3

Merry Christmas Everyone!! <3

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