Monday, January 11, 2010

Greetings from Hong Kong

It's 8pm. I am currently curling up next to a halogen heater, sipping hot tea and have some random Korean show on (dubbed in mandarin)

I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow! I'm getting quite comfortable here in Hong Kong.

Amanda's apartment is quite nice, a bit small but classy. Unfortunately for me, she left for Shanghai after spending only a day and a half in Hong Kong with me. So most of the time, I was alone T_T
Fortunately, everyone in the HK clinic was very nice and friendly. I almost feel pampered working here!!

The food taste pretty good! Even vegetarian food! I wonder what they put in there that makes it so tasty?

Shopping is great! I already blew A$300. YIKES! But I think I got good value for all the items I've bought!! I even ventured to Causeway Bay by myself using the train. *proud* I am damm adventurous, man...

Will upload pictures of my purchases and of beautiful Hong Kong soon!
I dare not upload too many pictures using my boss's internet :P

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