Thursday, February 25, 2010

Strut strut strut


 Dammit. Burnt my corn in the microwave.


At the moment, I've been watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 12
I watched 3 episodes on my flight from Hong Kong and became obsessed with Allison Harvard.

 Before...... and ...........  After

At first, she was this strange bug-eyed girl with an odd fascination with blood...
Her personality was quirky. Her face was interesting.
A good combination, no? :)

Didn't think she was going to go very far because she seemed quite awkward and uncomfortable in photoshoots but damm... she really impressed me at the end of it all.

Go Allison!!! :D

PS: To all ANTM fans, yes, I know I'm watching old seasons of ANTM (the latest is Cycle 14) but pfffttt... whatever. Best Cycle Ever!!!

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