Sunday, February 28, 2010

What? It's that time of year again?

I'm turning 23 tomorrow.

It doesn't feel like I'm turning a year older at all.
I'm not particularly excited or even upset at the thought.

I guess that I MUST be getting old, if I don't even think that birthdays are even worth any emotions!!

I did get a lovely parcel from the awesomous twinno; it's filled with cute and wonderful goodies!!
I will post up pics of the items soon.

Josh has just returned from his holiday; he was in Malaysia for two whole weeks.
I did not even once whinge about it! W00t!! But I did miss him a fair bit :P

Unfortunately, he's SICK!
It's unbelivable as he hardly ever falls ill. When he does, he's really sick.
The poor lad! I've only since him sick one other time before, so that means he's been sick twice in our *almost* three-year relationship. Whereas I've been sick countless of times T__T

I will be a little busy nursing him back to health.
Congee, cooling ice packs and menthol vapor rubs!

Anyway, it's my birthday tomorrow!
Will be awaiting for all your well wishes! :P

It's amazing what photoshop can do, no?
(PS: Am wearing circle lens in this pic)



Angie Lim said...

HappY belated Birthday!!! :D

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Thank you sweetieee!!! <3

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