Sunday, March 28, 2010


From: Sunday Herald Sun | March 28, 2010 12:00AM

Parents give their twin boys the middle name Danger so they can say "Danger is my middle name".

 LOL! How cute!! XD

Oh, sorry for not updating much lately. I have a very good excuse; ONE. Josh and I spent the previous weekend helping friends move house (I'm so envious of their new apartment!! T.T) and TWO. The big boss was back in town for a full week so I've been running around the clinic like a mad woman trying to keep up with him. It's suffice to say that most (if not all) staff members are glad that he's gone next week. LOL!
I went to bed at 9.30pm the other night because I was so hammered! 9.30!! Unheard of! Especially since I tend to sleep around midnight.


Anyho, we've conducted a couple of interesting procedures at work. We performed another labiaplasty (woo hoo...) and there was a large liposuction procedure whereby more than 2 litres of pure fat was removed from the patient (that nearly took up the whole day).

So since I was so worn out each day, I usually treat myself to a game of Pet Society, Social City or watched youtube clips from CommunityChannel (by Natalie Tran). I am NOT a youtuber. I hardly ever youtube anything but I totally love Natalie Tran! Josh doesn't think she's that funny and isn't that amused by her acting... maybe I'm easily impressed?

Maybe you should check her out and decide for yourself.
Oh yeah, she's from Australia but really, she has more of a British accent than an Aussie one.

Anyway, Josh's good friend has moved to Melbourne so we've been helping him and his girlfriend move to their new place. They're renting a rather small but cosy, modern apartment in the city. It's such a gorgeous place that Josh is rather anxious to get one of his own! LOL

One day perhaps... one day....

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