Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mooba Festival

The Moomba Festival is an annual festival held over Labour Day long weekend. It's a free festival and takes place around the Yarra River in the city.

Despite the terrible weather that plagued the festival (A super-cell storm that brought heavy hail stones and flooded the city!!), Josh and I decided to seize the opportunity on a seemingly sunny Sunday.

There were definitely lots of things to see and do!

There were some street performers.

 A snake-man??

Lots of activities for the kids.


Carnival rides!!! :D

Lots of food!! ♥

I loveeee corn on the cob!! ♥♥♥

Water-sports; water-skiing!

It's really amazing how far they actually flew!!

Unfortunately, Josh and I didn't manage to go on any rides.. as they were either too mild...

much like this caterpillar rollercoaster (for kids -.-)

OR they are just way too extremeeeeeeeee.........

Josh and I felt ill just watching!!

Took this picture of this poor fella who was waiting in line to go onto one of those crazy rides. He's covering his ears to protect from the blaring music! LOL!

I DID play a game. I'm usually very unlucky.. so I played a safe game. A fishing game. HAHAHAHA!

But I WON something!!

A cute stuffed tiger!!
It's super soft!! ♥♥♥

Mimicking the tiger. HEHEHEHE.

Unfortunately, it started to get gloomy and before long, it was drizzling! We got out of there before it turned into a downpour, which it did, as we raced our way to the train station.

Tigger using iPhone!!

It was definitely good fun!! Wouldn't mind going again next year!!
Hopefully we'll see fireworks, the parade and the flying birdman (it's a competition whereby contestants jump off a ramp in the river and try to fly) next year :)

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