Sunday, March 07, 2010

Post-Birthday Updates Part 1


I think I'm on my way to recovery! It's just a cold so I've had difficulty breathing through my nostrils as they are usually blocked (T.T)

Can you believe it? It's already a week into March!!

Anyway, Josh returned on Saturday, 27th February. He was sick and his health deteriorated overnight.
Poor fella developed a fever!!

Nonetheless, he still wanted to take me out for lunch in the city on my birthday. We had japanese food somewhere in GPO :)

I wanted to go to Luna Park cause I love amusement parks and I haven't been there before. Unfortunately Josh was feeling unwell again halfway through our lunch, so we didn't go. Oh wells.

Anyway!! The presents!!
He bought me two gifts: one is a Ralph Polo shirt, and the other is this little fella!!

He is SOOOOOO cute!! ♥♥♥

 Domo-kun stalking a sick Josh

Domo-kun trying to take a bite out of a bun (who btw looks really pissed about that!!)

My awesome twinno Yenny also sent me a gift!! Everytime I receive something from her, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside :3
My parcel arrived two days before my actual birthday so I was very excited to get it!!

Honestly, I don't know how she manages to pack all these things into a small box. I can't seem to fit them all back into the box after opening it -.- (I have no packaging skills)

The theme: green and frogs!! ♥

Here's a frog scrub, a frog hand towel and a frog card.
HEHEHE! My duck shower cap has a friend now!

Green soju bottle earrings LOL!!! And flase eyelashes... me love falsies :3
Have already worn a pair (the shorter pair) three times because they look very natural.

Some candy!! Chewing gum I believe?? :)

Green tea face and hand masks!!

And this cute triangular yellow felt toy which she made herself!!

She even sewed my name in Korean on the back ♥

Thank you soooooo very much twinno!! ^____________________^

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