Sunday, March 07, 2010

Post-Birthday Updates Part 2

Okay. Part 2.

Darling Yong Hwee wanted a small dinner gathering to celebrate my birthday.
And a very small dinner gathering it was! LOL

Unfortunately Polly and Joanne couldn't make it so it was just Mr. Daniel (photo below), Yong Hwee and I.

Still, it was very enjoyable (despite me being sick!!)

 This picture is so funny!! Look at our faces!!! XD

Candid photo taken by Daniel. Think I look a little high here. LOL.

The food was pretty good. We dined in Oriental Spoon; a Korean restaurant in the city.

Polly, Yong Hwee and Daniel got me two gifts! *Teary-eyed *SNIFFFFFFFFF

A beautiful cream-coloured purse!

And these ruby red earrings!!

Thanks a lot guys, I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and love the gifts ♥♥♥

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