Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Dear Mr. Tan,
Today officially marks our 3rd year together.

It's definitely a personal milestone. Maybe it is for you too?
In these three years, we've created a lot of memories; both good and bad... but mostly good ;)

I never really thanked you properly, so I'll take this opportunity to say things you probably deserve to hear by now.

Thank you for letting me be myself.
Thank you for always (almost always) letting me win.
Thank you for putting up with my stubbornness strong will and persistence.
Thank you for showing me the patience I needed when I could not find the words to express myself.
Thank you for all your encouragement and support.
Thank you for chauffeuring me around; even on your days off.
Thank you for letting me sing my heart out (albeit off-key) while you're driving.

I have many other reasons to be thankful but I do not want your head to swell up to the size of a house. It's not a good look, you know.

You're not the perfect boyfriend.
You're not the ideal boyfriend either.
But I absolutely adore you and your flaws.

Thanks for three wonderful years. Let's see how far life will take us.

It's not surprising how time flies; it always does when you're having fun ;)

   Your awesome Grade 'A' girlfriend ♥

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