Monday, April 05, 2010

Review: Button N Thread Online Boutique

I have a major dilemma! I need more closet space! :O

I've purchased more clothes online; this time from Button N Thread Boutique @

They are based in Sydney and carry only items in limited numbers. WOO HOO!
The best part is that their gorgeous clothes are so affordable! ;D

This is what I got after opening my package! So pretty!

I really like how they made an effort to wrap my package! Bonus points!! ♥

For your first purchase, you'll receive a free accessory! :D

This was my free accessory! Very sweet looking! ;)

And this was the necklace I purchased. I so totally love it!!!
 It only cost me AUD$15.00 too!

So! Onto the clothes!

I got myself three cute dresses.

I know, I know.. they look quite similar; so sue me! I love this cut on dresses ;)
The colours aren't that accurate due to the lighting and camera.
(Sorry, I had to hide my face in the middle shot because I didn't realise my eyes were half-closed)

Dress 1 (Left)

Close up: Tiny little stars! Colour is pretty accurate in the close-up too :)
Verdict: This was my favourite out of the three as it was simple and fitted me well.
Price: AUD$20

Dress 2 (middle)

Verdict: Similar to dress 1; it had little stars all over it but the material was much lighter, it has a white top and "leather" straps.
Price: AUD$20

Dress 3 (Right)

Verdict: This denim-wash dress is much heavier than the previous two. The quality is great!
Price: AUD$20

Since I spent over AUD$65.00, shipping/delivery was free! *prances*
Delivery was really quick too; it took three days before my parcel to arrive at my doorstep!!

What do you think of them? ;)

Make sure you check the website yourself!!

// ♥


Lewis WynCarroll said...

u look good on heels. :)

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Aww... thank you!!! *O*

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