Sunday, May 23, 2010

All Material Things

I apologize, I know some of you have been waiting to see my Zipia haul!

The items arrived almost two weeks ago (Shipping took about a week which is quite fast!!)
I wanted to show each item to you but have not found the time yet!

I'll make a proper entry next time! It will be in my ever-growing 'Things to blog about' list. I still owe you the circle lens review... *shifty eyes

Anyway, just to satisfy your curiosity a little, here's a pic of all the items I purchased from Zipia; properly labelled too (you're welcome by the way)

All together 18 items! *prances

We've been having lots of get-togethers on weekends; Josh and Will even cooked for us one Saturday night.
Although I brought my camera, I only took one photo. Each time they finished a vegetarian-friendly dish, I started devouring it. EPIC FAIL.

Rare photo of Josh cooking. HAHAHA! No, I kid.
He knows how to cook :) .... well, certain dishes anyway ;)

Anyho, my bestie Sharon sent me a birthday present two weeks before my birthday in February. She sent it via sea mail.  
Yes. Sea mail.
Who uses sea mail nowadays?

They told her it would take 6 weeks to arrive, so she figured it'd be about a month late.
She was quite disappointed to find out it had not arrived at its destination by mid April.

Well, it finally showed up last week; almost 14 freaking weeks later!!

Typical Sharon

It's a sketch book :3

Me like the spine!!


 Signed by Sharon and Jean. Thanks a lot guys

Sharon actually had gotten her birthday gift before I even gotten mine! It took about two weeks before it reached her; sent via air mail.

Made her a strawberry and a whale keychain plushie.
The whale was painstakingly lot harder to make than I thought. I had to stitch and re-stitch it a few times but it still turned out less than satisfactory.


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