Saturday, June 19, 2010

Queen's Birthday celebration with golf and bbq at Emerald Golf and Country Resort

Last week was the Queen's Birthday and thus we were bestowed with a long weekend; WOOTS!!

I mentioned this to Sharon on MSN the other week and she said, "What?? We had the Queen's Birthday last week!"

How unfair funny that she has two birthdays?! Imagine if you had to get someone like the Queen a gift twice a year!! @__@

Anyho, I went to wikipedia and found out that her actual official birthday is on the 21st of April!


Apparently, her birthday is celebrated in May or June:
For the United Kingdom: the first, second, or third Saturday in June
Canada: the Monday before the 24th May
Australia: the second Monday in June Except Western Australia which is celebrated on the first Monday
New Zealand: the first Monday in June

Neat huh? Now you've learnt something from me!!
If you already knew that, let's pretend you didn't :D

Anyway, last Sunday, Josh organized a game of golf and a barbecue at his workplace, Emerald Golf and Country Resort.

Most of us rocked up fairly early (before 10 am), others were a little late *cough*Rudi*cough*

Emerald is absolutely breathtaking. The air is crisp and clean, the trees are lush and green, and the course is well-maintained. It is a delightful escape from reality!

Unfortunately, the serenity of the place was soon to be defiled by a group of rascals.

Left to right: Perry, Chris, Yuri, Rudi, Janet, Max, myself and Josh
Photographer: Ernest

With the exception of Josh, Max and Ernest, the rest of us were terrible at golf, having little or no experience at all.

We lost about four golf balls in this pond!

Along the way, we spotted a number of odd mushrooms.

Janet and I camwhored a little bit while waiting for our turns :D

My awesome yellow ball!! I had an orange one too but I lost it in the woods :(

We found this gorgeous spot to take autumn/winter photos! ♥

Perry can rival us girls in camwhoring! He wanted to take a nice photo of leaves falling all around him. So Max and I threw leaves into the air while Janet took the photo!

But for some reason, he just looked petrified of the leaves!!!


After spending four hours out playing six holes, we were all starving!!

After stuffing ourselves, we went into the resort and warmed up in front of the fire place

The boys played a few rounds of pool and also ping pong :D

It was such good fun :)
My legs were so jelly-like afterwards and arm was sore the next day but it was so worth it.

I'm itching to go out there soon!! ♥

PS: Everytime I type 'golf', I type out 'gold' instead (Am I that materialistic?!)

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