Sunday, June 06, 2010

Work shenanigans

I love my colleagues. They are such an odd but loveable bunch of people. They certainly make work a lot more fun!

Not too long ago, on a Monday morning I asked my colleague "J" what she did over the weekend. She admitted that while doing some vacuuming at home, she spotted a mouse in the corner of her house. In her desperation, she sucked the mouse into her vacuum.


Of course, when we asked her how she got rid of it, she said that it's still in the vacuum which was hastily shoved outside into her backyard. She had waited for her sons to return home to get rid of the mouse but to her horror, neither of them wanted to go near the vacuum cleaner!!

She even asked a male colleague of mine whether he could get rid of the mouse for her. He said yes but she would have to bring the vacuum cleaner to work in order to do so. She shuddered at the thought of having a mouse in her car so decided against the idea.

It took her sons four days before they summoned enough courage to touch the vacuum cleaner. By then, of course, the mouse had died... @____@

Anyway, another colleague of mine spotted a mushroom growing near our work car park and went to google it to see if it was edible. It was a "shaggy mushroom" and apparently, according to several websites, they are edible.

pic source:

So she decided to cook it.


I immediately backed out, how reliable are these online sources anyway?! A few of my colleagues said that they were game enough to eat it if she cooked it.

She sauteed it with butter, salt and pepper. It smelled really good but looks rather.... unusual.


Suddenly, those who said they were game enough to try backed out. LMAO.

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