Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs Weekend


Finally! The long-awaited photos from our trip to the Hot Springs! :D

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any photos while we were in the Hot Springs as we had to respect the privacy of the other bathers. It was SOOOOO good though!

We went for the Twilight bath and it was absolutely heavenly! I would really recommend you to go when you are in dire need of some TLC. It's only a little more than an hour's drive away and costs $20 per person (Twilight bathing hours 7pm- 10pm). I only regret not knowing about this earlier!

Anyho, there are some photos of us having a good time! :)

At a beach in Rye

I am such an awesome photographer! MUAHAHAHA!

Our awesome accommodation; The Rye Tree House!

1st living room!

Master bedroom!

Kitchen and dining areas!

2nd living room!

Our BBQ! Here we have Chef Chris hard at work!

Max and Jane are so cute!!

Cape Schanck Light House

As part of our tour, we were given the chance to go up the light house... much to my delight.
Here is a photo of me, clinging onto the rail as I struggled with the steep steps and my fear of heights.



You can't really tell but I was quite terrified.

Enchanted Hedge Maze!

In the middle we have Grumpy Papa bear
On the right, the mischievous Mama bear
On the left, the way-too-cute baby panda bear! ♥

It was really good fun! Thanks for making the trip memorable guys! :D

// ♥

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