Saturday, October 23, 2010

Certified phlebotomist!

I is a certified phlebotomist! *prances*

Together with a couple of my colleagues, we attended this 2-day venepuncture crash course over last weekend.
Yes, the weekend. From 9am to 4.30pm! Whole weekend gone T.T
Moreover, it was Joshua's birthday that Sunday!

Cute candid picture of him!


How come there are so many October babies? Mr. Seng Keng, uni mate, ex-housemate, my brother, father, uncle, and Joshua! @_@

Anyho, as of today, I've taken blood from 7 people! :D

It's hard to believe that two years ago, I'd feel queasy at the sight of blood. I suppose after assisting a cosmetic surgeon with a facelift, blood is nothing.

Speaking of facelifts, we'll be doing a couple more in two weeks' time. Yay?

We have a new staff member too who I have been training. She's very nice and almost too kind.
I'm just only worried that she won't be able to say 'no' to things.

The next weeks will be extremely busy at work as our cosmetic surgeon will be performing a number of procedures (will have to work on Saturday T.T) then Dr. Ong is back (it's always chaotic and busy when he returns), and we'll go to Perth for a week to work.

It'll be fun fun fun!!

//  ♥

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