Monday, December 27, 2010

New Additions To The Family

Please welcome Hermie and Xavi, our new pet hermit crabs!

Xavi on the left and a blurry Hermie on the right

Close-up on Hermie. He's got his head down, hiding his feelers.

This is their little habitat! That funny-looking brown ball of fur is a sea sponge; used to provide humidity. In the far corner is a little ramp.. which they have yet to use.

Josh and I only got them yesterday so they're still quite shy, especially Xavi.
Hopefully they'll warm up to us!
Josh named his after a Barcelona player and I just named mine Hermie cause well... I couldn't come up with any awesome crab names. I tried Zoro, Marco and Pierre but in the end 'Hermie' just rolls off my tongue naturally.

They're actually quite cute with their different personalities; Xavi quite shy and hides a lot in his shell. Whenever you come close, he fully retracts into his shell to hide for ages. When he's out though, he enjoys digging near the water bowls and hang around the salt water bath dish.

Hermie, on the other hand, is more adventurous. He's a curious little critter and enjoys roaming around the tank from one corner to the other. Hermie doesn't usually retract himself all the way into his shell when he's startled. He hides his eyes but leaves all his legs out; a sign of bravery or stupidity? He thinks if he can't see us, we shouldn't be able to see him?

Anyho, I hope everyone's had a good Christmas! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Emerald, with our friends having a BBQ and a round of golf. Nothing like good food and good company. 

We'll most likely spend New Year's eve at a friend's house in a similar manner.
Have a good new year everyone!

// ♥

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