Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yay for gift vouchers! ♥ Boo to Kris Kringles! >=(

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas kids!!!

Ah! The joyous season of Christmas draws near!

Much fun can be found in fighting off mobs of stressed people and rummaging through stores endlessly for Christmas gifts.


I only enjoy shopping for people I love (myself in particular), which is why I detest Kris Kringles!
I understand it's just a bit of fun to be someone else's secret santa.

BUT! How am I suppose to find something decent under $15 for a co-worker I don't really know??

Moreover, for this year's Kris Kringle I am to buy a present for a young male colleague! D'oh!

Sure, I suppose I could get chocolates or wine... but that's really boring. I know, I know... I'm just asking for trouble :(

I thought of swiss army knives but they were definitely out of the budget of $15.

I thought of getting a nice fluid lighter case too but I don't think he wants people to know he smokes? (I found out by accident btw)

Anyho, after much fretting and wringing of hands, I think I've gotten a reasonable present for him from Borders, thanks to a very patient boyfriend :D

Better yet, I managed to get of $20 off my purchases due to my VIP Borders card (There's currently an ongoing promotion whereby you'd get a $20 gift voucher if you signed up. The light-bulb above the scrooge in me lit up at the sight of it)


Moreover, I just checked my email and realized I've been given a gift voucher from one of my favourite online boutique shops  Button N Thread.


For Christmas, Button N Thread will post your purchases for free if you reside in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore! Plus you'll get a surprise gift :D

Hope you guys will have an awesome (and safe) Christmas! ;)

// ♥

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