Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick update: Chinese New Year in Brunei

Greetings from the hot and humid Brunei!
I love how festive it is in Brunei during the Chinese New Year. There are so many festive decorations everywhere.

AND THE FOOD! Unfortunately I keep forgetting to take photos of food! Was too busy gorging them down and when I realized it, it was too late. Story of my life.

Some photos I managed to take before scoffing them down. AHEM.


The only thing I detest about Chinese New Year is that firecrackers go off ALL the time -__-" 
Just when you least expect it... BANGG!!!! And up goes your blood pressure.
Chinese New Year is always a boisterous event.

OOO! We also have a pet cat now. Well, it's not fully ours. According to mom, it came out of nowhere and started coming to us for cuddles and food -___-
So it's a part-time pet!

Her name is Puddy?... which sounds more like Poody, like how Tweety the bird calls Sylvester the cat "Poody cat"

Isn't she pretty?? I put a pink ribbon around her :D

Can’t believe I only have three days left here before I fly back! And starting work on the following Monday! BOOOOOO! I don’t my holiday to end! T_____T

Mom and I  ^____^

It's so good to be back! :D
I don't want to go back to work! T_____T
// ♥

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