Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sick and Homesick

Ah.. wasn't even back for a week and I caught a cold.

Good thing I was sent home on Thursday from work and given Friday off as my cold worsened. My head felt  congested, my nostrils were blocked, I couldn't stop tearing and could hardly keep my eyes open! I slept so much on Friday which surprised me as I don't like sleeping much but it certainly did me a whole lot of good as I am starting to get much better now. Yays!

Anyho, I am still a little homesick. I really do miss my family :(

For Chinese New Year’s Eve, I returned to my Grandparents’ place in Labi, which is a small village in Kuala Belait. As both my paternal grandparents are no longer around, their house is currently occupied by my uncle. My father, brother and I returned to pay our respects to the deceased.

Each time I return, it’s like stepping back in time. The wooden house may look frail but it serves its purpose.

 As I roamed around the property, I reminisced the times when my brother and I used to catch tadpoles in the little pond out in the back. Unfortunately, it's now overgrown with algae and weeds. 

We'd use to pluck and heartily eat the fruits from the orchard. I remember always keeping a viligant eye out for any of the wild hogs and monkeys my grandparents would warn me of.

I hated going near the chicken coops because I got pecked in the leg by a nasty rooster once.

Going back to Labi is always an eye opener.

More often than not, we tend to forget to appreciate the true beauty of nature. When I immersed myself in its tranquility, I felt at peace with myself.

I realized I was carrying a lot of unnecessary burdens while working and living in Melbourne... not that I am deeply troubled or stressed, it's just that I feel as though I am able to see things more clearly when I'm not surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life.

Time seemed to move at a slow leisurely pace. I myself did not feel any hurry to do anything! I sure as heck walked and talked a lot slower (I later realized this when I arrived in Melbourne and found that I could not keep up with everyone's pace!)
I did not feel the need to go online and facebook. I realize I spent absurd amount of time wasting my life away. Now, I really detest feeling unproductive around the house. I wonder how long this feeling will last?


Good news is that Royal Brunei Airlines will be making direct flights from Melbourne starting next month, which means cheaper fares and no overnight transit in Singapore! So am definitely making more frequent visits back home ;)

Hope everyone's had a great new year so far!
Can't believe it's almost March already!! :O

// ♥


Mingming said...

Your parents looking great and I miss Labi too!:)
It looks different but familiar at the same Im homesick.

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Yeah, you should pay Labi a visit the next time you're back ;)

Some things have changed, like, Grandma's wall has been knocked down by third uncle to make the living room larger. But some things are still the same :)

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