Thursday, March 17, 2011

I ish 24! Year of the Fire Rabbit!

Birthdays are usually quiet affairs in my family. I never really had a birthday party before.

I don't usually make a fuss about birthdays and I'm not bothered if I don't have big celebrations. I still do like some attention at least ;)

Josh got me a small cake on my birthday :3

He's a real sweetheart, despite all that I put him through. But then again, I'm such an awesome girlfriend so it's worth putting up with me ;)

However, he really did surprise me by taking me out for dinner the weekend of my birthday. I thought it would be just the two of us but we actually dined with friends! :D

We had a feast at a Korean restaurant called 'Guhng' in the city :)

 Food galore!! The food is really good. Apparently it's the second best Korean restaurant in Melbourne.

The birthday girl! Feel her radiate with awesomeness!

     Awesome friends!

  Meet Robbie!

I'm ghetto yo!

Photo taken by Rob using his non-iPhone phone :)
Sorry if that sounded lame, it's an inside joke ;)

And this was my birthday cake! Yes. It's shaped like a dog!! AHAHAHHAAH!

Looks like animal abuse!!

Even more surprising is that my friends chipped in moolah to get me presents!
Although Chris, Ryan, Rudi and Janet were not able to make it, they pooled money together to get this lovely elephant a** card and cosmetic products!

This card was chosen to remind me the horrors of ageing! Thanks guys!

 And the awesome cosmetic products they got me: M.A.C Wonder woman lipstick, YSL radiant touch highlighter, M.A.C bronzer and M.A.C lipgloss! *prances*

Photos of given cosmetics with and without their packaging! The wonder woman bullet lipstick is soooo awesome!I always wanted to try the YSL highlighter *silent scream* Can't wait to do reviews for these items!
I still have yet to show you my Konad nail set too! Much to blog about!

And sweet Josh got me this pretty plum-coloured purse! :o)

 I really didn't expect such a wonderful celebration. I had such a good time! My cold heart melted and I felt this strange warm fuzzy feeling inside. I wonder what it is!

 Thanks again everyone for an awesome 24th! ♥ 


// ♥

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