Sunday, June 05, 2011


   So. I've finally had my hair coloured!

   Near the window

  In the light, it's a warm reddish brown but indoors, my hair still looks dark.
  Even so, you actually see the layers in my hair, instead of blobs of jet black hair.

   Indoors, a few meters from a window

  While cam-whoring, I snapped a rather creepy shot of me looking like a doll.

   Indoors, a few meters from a window

   I purchased this dress a little while ago when I started loving polka dots (I still do!) but actually forgotten about it because of the mess in my closet. I really need to organize it before I buy my Zipia haul :\

   Dress from button n thread boutique,
   cardigan from Zipia (my previous haul),
   and belt from taobao (chinese website).

   Hope everyone had a good weekend! Can't wait for next week!
   Long weekend! WOO HOO!

// ♥

1 comment:

Uncle Yenny said...

Looking grand, Twinno! It's a nice subtle color change, not like something really garish.
Very pretty indeed!

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