Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I lost my voice but it's okay cause...

I have new shoooooes!

Am really digging the man-style trend. I purchased these shoes online via styletread.com.au for approximately A$90?

Surprisingly, they fit well (for an online purchase) and are very comfortable! YAY! Awesome for work and play :D

Last week was a long week, as the big boss was back and the clinic was crazily busy and then Josh's cousin and friend came to visit over the weekend.

I lost my voice gradually, it began from sounding hoarse then manly, and eventually almost nothing. I picked up Josh's cough too. MEH.

Fortunately, my manager and colleagues allowed me to take today and tomorrow off to rest. They were quite taken back by how terrible I sound.

Okay, that's a quick post for now. I hope everyone is doing fine! :)

1 comment:

Uncle Yenny said...

Aww.. Are you feeling better now Twinno?? Hope your voice comes back soon!

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