Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recovered and I'm too busy having fun!

What time is it?


How are you lovelies? I've finally recovered and have been making full use of my time *prances*

Plenty to eat at Fi's birthday potluck gathering

Also plenty to drink!

 These are all mine! L-R: Chatime, Baileys, red wine and white wine

Gorgeous birthday girl in white!

Anyho, I'm all pumped up because of two reasons:
1. Meeting with my twinno Yenny for the very first time!
2. A snow trip to Mount Beauty at the end of the month!

I've never, ever met Yenny face to face before so this will be an epic meet! I can't wait! :D
Actually, I feel a bit nervous but I'm awesome so I'm pretty sure she'll like me! HEHEHE.

I'm also excited for the snow trip because I've never seen snow before. I want to make snow angels ♥


1 comment:

Uncle Yenny said...

Omggg Twinno!! I'm super excited about meeting you too!! And likewise, also kinda nervous haha.. But yeah, you know we're both super awesome-ous, so what's not to like?! keke >:D
Can't wait to see you soooooooooon! <3

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