Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love getting stuff in the mail

Sooooo..... I've been meaning to post up photos of my Christmas presents by my twinno Yenny all the way from Korea ♥

I.. um... took a while to get around to it because well, I am out of excuses so.... to the photos!!

It came in a pretty yellow polka dot & lace box! Soooo pretty!!!

Everytime I get a present from her, I get a bit freaked out at how well she knows me!! Or maybe it's because I'm just so transparent? LOL!

I absolutely love all the things in it; everything from the cute bin that reminds me of cookie monster (my fav. muppet) to the travel card case (so handy cause I am always misplacing my travel pass +.+ it's a wonder that I still manage to have it with me)

I've already started using some of things she's given me but will probably never use the face mask cause.... it'll go into my not-so-secret DBSK stash. HOHOHOHO! Funnily, most of the items in that collection were contributed by Yenners :3

Anyways, I apologize for not updating much lately but it's been hectic since my manager went on her holiday. More work for me! Yay. Moreover, I'm flying off to Perth this weekend to work in our clinic there for a few days too so you'll just have to be even more patient. Heheee! ♥

Thanks for reading! Till next time, take care and drink plenty of water!!

// ♥


Bambi said...

Oh my goodness, you're so lucky! HAHA I love the faces you added next to the gifts > I think they illustrated the exact reaction I had when I also saw the DBSK facemask and moustache socks (cute!) :D

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Yes I am very lucky indeed!! ^O^

Yeah I think most people would make the same faces I did! The socks had little 'ears' on the sides too! XD

kerker said...

wow cute present! I love stuff from Korea, always so cute.

you have a lovely blog, if you have time come stop over at my blog The Ugly Moments

Uncle Yenny said...

Aww I'm so glad you liked it Twinno! :3 Was a bit worried that you may have outgrown your DBSK fangirlism keke but it's alive and well! w00t!
I hope all the stuff has served you well!

Psst: keep an eye out for another package..? It should be there soon, if not already.. XD

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