Sunday, March 23, 2008

Virtual Barber Shop

This is quite cool!

This audio illusion demonstrates the power of the human brain.

You'd need earphones and close your eyes for it work though.

And trust me, it's NOY a prank!
Didn't you ever receive one of those seemingly innocent e-mails challenging you to search for 10 differences between two almost identical pictures (and lures you in by saying the average person can only find seven) ?

And because you're just bored (or maybe fancy yourself as more than average) you find yourself engrossed in it. While you're searching for the 9th difference (thinking that you're pretty awesome), a SCARY GHOST FACE flashes across the screen and screams at you!!


No it's not one of those -__-

So give it a go!

I couldn't stop squirming and giggling to myself.

Hur hur hurrr!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ode to the bunneh.

Ode to the bunneh.

Elusive but cute
Twitchy and fluffy to boot
Carrots and beetroot
you may not resist
Grapefruits you'd give it amiss
You used to run in fields with bliss
Now you sit in a cage looking pissed
Don't worry for I am no beast
I promise I won't turn you into a feast
(I know I know.. I am a crap poet)

Have you ever heard a bunny scream?

Heed this warning!
Turn down your volume before you click play!

Yesterday I groggily made my way to the lab and was met by an EASTER BUNNEH!

One of the cleaners donned a pair of rabbit ears was wiping the glass doors.

Apparently there were four of them! XD

Also a secret Easter bunny from the lab left two mini cadbury choccies for everyone!! :3

It was so good that I went to buy a pack!


Fortunately for me I plan to give them away and hopefully soon because they are slowly diminishing.

A certain chocoholic just can't keep away -__-

But you wouldn't be able to resist the pretty shiny colours and chocolate-y goodness yourself.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Graduation scare

Unfortunately, my dad's not coming for my graduation on the 1st of April!
So my mom and my aunt will be flying over for a couple days :)

The funny thing is that as a graduate student I don't have to pay a cent for my graduation (except for the gown loan) but I have to purchase guest tickets and am limited to only two guest tickets per student. So the other day, in the sweltering heat, I went to the BASS ticketing counter to buy my guest tickets.
The queue was long so I got a little impatient waiting. As it was my turn, the guy said, “I’m sorry but I think it’s fully booked. There are no tickets left.”WHATTTT????

How is that even possible?? -__-‘’
I asked if he could do something, like appeal to someone to add extra seats in the venue. He shook his head, “sorry, we’re selling tickets. You’d have to go to your university and ask them if they could do something about it.”

Me not happy.

So I went off to my uni and went into campus central. I wasn’t sure if it was the right place to go but in the years that I’ve been in uni, campus central has been excellent. The lady over the counter assured me that campus central deals with graduations. So I explained the situation to her and she was absolutely rubbish! She went to the website, read whatever’s on the graduations link, turned to me and said, “There’s nothing I can do.”


“You could head to BASS and ask them,” she suggested.
“I did go there and they’ve asked me to come to uni!” I exclaimed.
She then suggested that I head to our graduation venue (the Festival Centre) and ask someone there! “Sorry but if the tickets are sold out then that’s it,” she shrugged her shoulders.

Me not happy X 10000!

So I mumbled an inaudible thanks and left.
I went online to the uni’s website and found the graduations office’s number. The lines were busy for the first 5 tries when finally, someone picked up!!
After explaining my problem, the guy had me on hold which seemed like forever~!!

Finally, he came back on and said to me, “Yes, you are not our first case. There seems to have been an extremely high demand for tickets for this coronation so we apologize for that. We have already ordered in more tickets and we will mail you two complimentary tickets to your mail box!”

Whoooo!! Free tickets!
I hope they aren't crap seats -__-''
I've officially started Honours :)

The lab's great! Turns out that Locky's in the same lab as me!
I'm as happy as can be!
One thing I'm not so happy about is the heatwave!!
It's been 13 days of extreme weather!
Today's max was 39 degrees!
*click on pic*

*dies of dehydration*

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My $35 haircut

I haven't had a haircut in 7 months! My hair was suffering from major split ends!

So I set out today to get a haircut from a Korean salon! Lydia had recommended me this salon but I couldn't find it -__-

But not to worry! There were plenty of Korean salons around Adelaide!

But then there was the problem of a language barrier. The lady nodded and smiled to everything I said.

Should have known that this was not a good indication.

I picked out a hairstyle from a magazine but it turned out a little different...
Fringe is actually much shorter than I what I wanted!
You can't tell but it's actually cut in a V- shape so the hair behind much longer and wispy!

Picture looks a bit blurry because during the art of camwhoring, someone walked in!!

I think it's a wee bit pricey at $35 but I'm glad I had the cut!

It is sooooo much thinner than what I had! Makes me feel so light-headed! :)

*proceeds to swing head from left to right like that in those shampoo ads*

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My 21st birthday was not anything fancy.
And I'm perfectly fine with that.

Those typical Sweet Sixteen kids on MTV may not be able to comprehend me.
spoilt brats.

But I had a good birthday nonetheless :)
I didn't expect it but someone got me a strawberry cheesecake!
*typical female blubbering begins*

If you're wondering.. yes I drew in the flame -__-

The funny thing is that a scented candle was used! XD
But it was lovely cause it was unexpected.

^ content face

Anyway! I love macro-photography and this photo is of what may possibly the best strawberry cheesecake ever!

Eat your heart out you spoilt rich 16 year olds in America!!
This cake kicks your 'ferrari-shaped' cake any day!

Oh but I DID received a pretty good (and expensive) gift ;)


I can't believe I'm 21! I am of legal drinking age! Woo!
and I still don't have a driver's license yet


But I'm 21!! Woooooooo!

Some of you may notice that something's different about the blog skin and you are absolutely right (and very observant! :D )

I didn't mess with the template or the settings but one day the font colour just woke up and decided to be permanently dark brown! -__-

I can't seem to change it so I mucked around the template and made the background lighter so the font's visible.

Let me know if you aren't able to read or something.
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