Monday, January 25, 2010

Cute pegs

So right after yesterday's rant, I went on a hunt and came home with these!!

I bought some cute colour pegs, some flower rhinestones, candy-coloured beads, some ribbons and of course, good old PVA craft glue! :D

The most creative person has the messiest work table. True? True that.

 Not long after the glue has dried!! I've made these cute little clip-ons!


Not original and very amateurish but they make me so happy!!

One for my memo pad ♥

 Shopping List ♥

To Do List ♥

I used a card for an example but if you join multiple pegs together on a piece of string, like that of a normal clothesline, you can hang small cards or photos in a similar fashion ^O^

I'm currently looking for fruits and bows decorations to add to my collection :3

Oh and um, before I forget, Happy Australia Day tomorrow!! :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grey Storm

Am so excited! Can't wait for my first pair of coloured contacts to arrive.

Am getting the colour and pattern "grey storm" from Clearly Colors (comfort curve)

 I hear that European made coloured-contacts aren't as natural looking as Asian made ones?
Am planning to get Korean-made coloured contacts too.

I know I'm supposed to be saving.....


I'm also going to enjoy my life!! :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hong Kong Business Trip 1

Just got back from Hong Kong last night!
It's good to be home!
And as promised,  PICTURES!!

 Super tall buildings!

 Gorgeous nightlife!

 more buildings! @.@

 So much lights that it hurts my eyes!!

Sunday was my only day off so I ventured to Causeway Bay by myself!! :D

 In Times Square

 Am amazed at the sheer number of people on the streets!

 Managed to snap these pictures while on the train!

 Subway :)

 In the very nice apartment!

 We're on the 14th floor? It doesn't look that bad in the picture but I was terrified!!
I managed to take this photo an arm's length away from the window LOL

There is a sale going on but not everything is cheap!! I bought several cheap items but also some expensive stuff. I regret bringing only A$300 with me... definitely not enough!! But in a way, it's good... since I'm a impulse buyer T.T

It was a bit chilly in HK and all I brought was one jacket.. which wasn't enough. I wasn't really looking for anything, let alone a coat but when I saw this trench coat, I knew that I had to get it. The colour was so eye-catching and it keeps me all nice and warm!
I purchased it for HK499 (~A$70) which I consider cheap for a coat!!!
Best thing I bought from Hong Kong!

Looks navy blue here but is actually a teal-like colour

Also bought this cute red beanie for less than A$10!

Again, the trench coat looks very blue here. Also bought an orange dress with at least 5 zippers (so cool!! Bought it for about A$14), and a sweet green cardigan with a soft black ribbon belt around the waist (can't be seen in the pic) for my housemate!

Got this sweet floral dress in a korean/japanese boutique store.Super expensive at HK663 (~A$95) but the quality is sooooo good, it's actually quite heavy and super soft! I heart heart heart it sooooo much!

Also bought a pair of dark purple boots! ^O^
Didn't take a photo and am too lazy to do it. Sorry.... u_u

I'm so glad that they have Sasa EVERYWHERE in HK. I purchased a few items from before and it felt so surreal to be in an actual Sasa store! :D
I bought several random items from Sasa.. such as this cute compact mirror!

I think it's so pretty!

Two pairs of false eyelashes! I totally love false eyelashes!
*Also an eyelash curler but not pictured here

A cute duck shower cap! HAHAHA!

And this!! Sponge hair curlers made to look like strawberries!! You wrap your hair in it before you sleep, and when you wake up, you have curly hair!!
Don't know how well it works yet. Will try it out soon! :D

 Also bought this mini cup garden where you can grow basil in (soil and basil seeds provided), for my housemate! :D

I regret buying only one. I want one too!! Will go and buy another when I return to HK.

Oh, I'm heading back there on the 5th of February for a stem cell conference.
Heh heh heh! Can't wait to shop somemore! :)

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