Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Christmas Wish List

Waaaaa... I chatted till 3 something and woke up at 11am

Aishhh... but I did clean up the house..
well, just the bathroom today cause it took over an hour.

It was filthy!!!

The bath mat was all moudly.

Anyho, I realised that I've totally skipped my Christmas Wish List!!

Jingle bells, batman smells
robin laid an egg
bat mobile lost its wheel
and joker got away

Alright, I don’t celebrate Christmas but hey, for those of you who do (and if you love me), feel free to get me any of these!!
Lisha's Christmas Wish List

  1. A creative Zen mp3 player [Either a Zen Neeon 2 or a Zen Neeon]


  2. A holiday! An all expenses paid trip to Hawaii please...
    and another ticket for my best friend too or it'll just be half the fun stalking any hotties by myself.

    The sun, the beach, the surf...
    All that's missing from this pic are the hot surfer dudes.. *drool*

  3. A handful of money! Preferably in 100 notes, Australian Currency but American dollars would be fine too =] Umm.. those aren't my hands. I wish the money was though.

  4. Jung Yunho (Uh... from Dong Bang Shin Ki.. if you didn't know *eye twitch*)

    Image Hosted by
    hubba hubba!!

I know my list is rather short but these are the only things I can think of at the top of my head.
I'd like a car but I can't drive.
But if you want to buy me a car (Not those toy cars, you smart-alecs), then go ahead!! :D

Soo Hui just messaged!! She ate another Krispy Kreme!!
Girl!! What about those Jessica Alba abs that you want?!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sinking In

Am in a melancholic mood right now.
I'm not really sure why.

Maybe it's cause I just watched a sad episode from DBSK's new drama Vacation.

No... it's not that...

I'm here again.
I'm at this stage of life… where the future is uncertain.

No doubt, I expect to finish off my third year next year. Yeah, that’s what I expect but you can never be certain.
Why am I talking like this?

I guess it’s just the house hunting. I’m paranoid and a worrywart to begin with.
I guess I didn’t really want to face the reality that I can totally be homeless. Wait, scratch that. I’m not going to be totally homeless. There’s always Jane whose housemates have moved out and she’s looking for two housemates to move in with her. The problem? The place is a bit too far from Soo Hui’s campus. It’s definitely near mine.

So Jane’s plan C.

  • Plan A – Soo Hui and I find an ideal place that’s just situated near the Free Bus routes.
  • Plan B – We find a place that’s nearer to the East Campus (my campus) and that would be given to Sheng Yee and I while Soo Hui remains in her lovely townhouse.
  • Plan C – Give up and move into Jane’s place

Somehow I’m not convinced.
Perhaps I’m being too much of a pessimist.

Waheyyyyy!! I can start a New Year’s Resolution list now.

New Year’s Resolution:

  1. Stop being a pessimist.
  2. Marry Jung Yunho
  3. Rule the World
  4. Uhh….. yeah… I’ll come up with a better list....

Krispy Kreme

At this very moment, Soo Hui's having a blast in Sydney. I'm sure you can tell by the amount of photos she has posted in her blog!!
ARGH! She had a Krispy Kreme donut!!

"Each Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut has 4 grams of trans fat. Some have more, up to 7 grams (Apple fritters)."



Maybe I should rethink about wanting to eat one.

Give me an apple any day!!

Image Hosted by
^An apple.



Now with so much time on my hands, I'm really stumped with what to do.

Figures.... (+___+)

I decided with the one week by myself while Soo Hui's in Sydney, I'd clean the house, pack my stuff and hunt for a house. I'd spend my time foruming, reading, drawing and learning Korean.
It's already Tuesday. The house isn't cleaned. I only answered one ad for a house.
I didn't really forum much (*GASP*) because it's much too hot to do so.
Umm.. learning Korean? Hah!!! ... don't even go there -___-
Well... I did managed to pack two boxes.. of clothes alone!

But I didn't completely waste my time. Today I went and met up with Ah Rum for lunch ^^
She's that Korean girl that she's an exchanged student.
I really had a good time. It was so interesting to chat with her about her life, her future, Korea and K-POP!! BUAHAHA!!


And she gave me this really cute organizer to thank me for helping her out with a subject that we share ^^

It's so cute, no??

Tomorrow I've decided to clean up the whole house!! *determined face*

Sharon's having exams!!

I will be cheering you on while watching TV, surfing the net, enjoying my freedom, etc!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sweet sweet freedom





Image Hosted by nyah nyah nyahhhhh~

I am free!! I am FREEE!!!

Wow. This is crazy!! I've finished my 2nd year!! Next year will be my last year.
Wow. I will be 20 next year.
Mannnn!!! I suddenly feel old!! >.<

My dear housemates just left for the airport this afternoon.. at this very moment, they're still thousands and thousands of feet in the air, making their way home. A
ishh... I will miss them. Of all the housemates that I've had, they are the most tolerant and probably the nicest. They're such great people. I will miss them dearly.

And do you know what?

I actually refrained myself from foruming for 4 whole days!!
HAHAHA! Sharon and Seng Kheng will be so proud!!
Now I can forum all I want! BUAHAHAHA!!

At the very moment, I'm in Soo Hui's place. I'm staying over for the night and I'm able to use her sweet sweet high speed internet *nosebleeds* and she has air-conditioning!!
Do you know it's actually 34 degrees now? It's soooo hot!!
But she'll be going to Sydney on Monday for a week so hopefully by the time, she comes back, she won't knock on my door and find a shrivelled raisin for a friend >___<

Someone send help!
You can send me:
a) packs of ice cubes
b) an air-conditioner
c) tubs of ice cream (preferably chocolate chip mint)
d) a flight ticket to Korea (Hey, it's winter there okay?)
e) money. Lots of money.

Thank you :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Fat Horror! You have been warned.

Before I get onto what my title is about, let me rant...


I am amaze with myself.
Not in a good way -.-

I completed a paper on Monday and I have another tomorrow.
So I didn’t do anything after the paper on Monday because I ended up reading 5 fan fics in a row and bawling my eyes out because one was particularly sad. +___+

I’ve been restless all day yesterday, not much progress at all. And today? Hah… I fell asleep twice during the day.
I could not sit still anymore. So I sat on top of my desk instead.

Which was probably a dumb thing to do because I’m afraid of heights!!
Look at how high is was!! Ngeeeeeeehhhhh~!

For those of you who are going, “Lish!! It’s not that high! Quit exaggerating!”

You forget I am short -.-

I have so much to blog about!! Why is it during exam periods where I’m supposed to be refraining myself from doing useless time-consuming things, I end up doing them anyway?

---------[END OF RANT]----------

Anyway, enough ranting.
On with blogging!!

Last night, Deb and I watched TV. (I haven’t watched TV since I came back to Adelaide and I start watching TV during the exam periods. Sweet.)
And there was something really interesting on! Actually two!!

The first was about sex addicts!! O__o
...... Gotta love Aussie TV :P

It was really interesting… most people would go, “Whoaaaa… sex addicts? Yeah, they must be having fun most of the time then.”
But in reality, it’s really terrible!

No addiction is fun. Trust me. I’m addicted to forum-ing. Yes, it’s fun when you’re doing it but after you’ve done it, the guilt sinks in and blahblahblah… that’s no fun.
Anyway, it was a real eye-opener. I feel smarter already!! HAHAA!!

The other thing was about FAT people and Fat Admirers (FA).
There was soooooooooooooooooooo much fat that Deb and I just sat there, gawking. I have no idea how many times we squealed, "Ew!! Look at that!! Look at that!!" and the other would go, "ARGH! I am but I don't want to!!"
Needless to say, I was appalled by all that fat!

This girl who’s actually really pretty, can’t stand up for more than 5 minutes because of her weight!!
The poor thing!! She basically stays in the house all day with her web designer boyfriend who’s a FA (Fat admirer).
He loves to see the fat rolls… and flab jiggle.... he seriously needs help too. Someone get them help!!

God! Her legs look like croissants.

Image Hosted by
am never going to look at croissants the same way again!

Another has an arm of over 31 inches!! Her arm is bigger than my waist! *___*
Gawd, it was an hour of fat rolls, flab jiggling, cellulite and stretch marks horror!
If this documentary was made into a horror movie, you'd see people walking out of the cinema within 10 minutes with a sudden loss of appetite.

I was rubbing my arms throughout the whole show. It was quite traumatizing, I must say!
I went to bed after that and I laid there thinking about the amount of jiggling fat on the show. And I thought Homer Simpson was fat!! These people are insanely obese!!

The fat!! Take the fat away from me!!


Hey!! Blogger has new features now!! W00t~!! *prances*
...... I never noticed that I actually got comments before!! x___x
When did Soo Hui write me comments?? o___O

Monday, November 06, 2006

Stalker on the loose!

So I was bored today and to check my friendster..
Oro..... my last log in was a month ago?
Foruming takes up a lot of my time, doesn't it?

Anyway, a message was sent to me from someone who shall remain anonymous here. I don't know the fella is but the name is verrryyyyyyy familiar but I cannot put a face to the name.
It was sent on the 17th October and it goes something like this.

Hi, it doesn't matter if you know me or not,
I've seen you around in WYWY with Tricia and Sharon

I think your face resembles Jenhong


"it doesn't matter if you know me or not, I've seen you around"?
Sounds like a stalker <___<

and what?? My face resemble JenHong's?
BUAHAHAA!! I don't know whether to laugh or cry!! x'''D Do I look like a guy? But then JenHong is a pretty boy (>__<) He is!!

*MAJOR sweatdrop*

Am not going to give this anymore thought.
I shall ask Sharon who that person is when she comes online again.

For now, I am going to sharpen my chopsticks and carry a box of ice cubes with me, in case a stalker comes by my window tonight.
Takes one to know one. So no, I'm NOT scared ~ xD

Sunday, November 05, 2006

S.W.O.T that fly

It's SWOT vac week! hOMG!
FYI, SWOT - Studying WithOut Teachers.

Aissshhh.. my first paper will be on the 13th?... That's like a week away and I've only started studying. Yeah... I've been busy with my practical report and yesh, foruminggggggg---- WHAT THE....... o___O"
There's a fly in my room!!! =____=

Ho hum. Nothing new to blog about.
I'm still addicted to foruming.
Still addicted to Triple Berry cereal
Still addicted to DBSK

oh but I have a new addiction.....
Boost Juice.


Damm.. that fly is starting to annoy me.
No, I will not swat it.
I am an animal lover!!!

Okay, it's not an "animal" but still a living thing!!
It's trying to get out through the window. Which has like a mesh over it. >____>
I wish flies didn't have to see things differently from us humans, then it'd realize it's a mesh and exit through the door instead.
I can't imagine if we view things the way flies do!! I can't imagine spending hours trying to exit through my window.

Why am I talking about a fly?! *sweatdrop*
Well, at least now I have a title for this post.... (+___+)

w00t~!! My net quota will be up pretty soon! On Tuesday!! HURRAY!!
*Sees the disapproving looks from Sharon and Soo Hui*
Can't a girl dwell in fangirlism in peace?

I probably will be on hiatus for a bit. I might blog when I'm bored but probably real updates from me till my exams are over.

Wish me luck!! :3

-------------- -------------------------------------- ---------------

[2 hours later]

I managed to get the fly out of my room!
It keeps banging against the glass as it was trapped between the mesh and the window.
I don't want to hear "ping" "ping" "pong" "splat" sounds from my window when I'm trying to sleep tonight
Or you'll have a very angsty Lisha next morning.

After getting rid of that fly, I went back to my table and lo and behold~!! A dead fly!
It must have been there since Summer because I haven't opened my window in ages!!

Wow. Luckily I got rid of that fly or I'd have a fly graveyard on my window sill

OH poohhhhhh~!!
There's another fly!!! >=(
This time it's a baby fly so it's not as noisy. It doesn't flap its wings as hard.
What is it?!! Is Spring fly mating season or something?! >=(

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