Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I sony ericsson you

Okay. Here's the truth...

I don't know how to go online with my phone!


Hey, a lot of phones now have internet settings set up nicely for you before you purchase them.
I don't!
And I couldn't be bothered to know how.

So why is this bothering me now, you ask?
Well, I reloaded my phone credit today and Optus (my mobile phone provider) sent me a text going, "Congratulations! You've won a prize for recharging! Head to our website to claim it!"

My prize?

A free wallpaper.


That is like the most LOUSY prize ever!!!!!!!!!


Nonetheless, I was determined to obtain the sucky prize.

Select your free wallpaper from this gallery of 50, it said.
Damm right I will!! >=(

Half of the wallpapers were of scantily clad women and very well-endowed men slathered in baby oil.. *cough*

I just picked a pink butterfly because I do not wish to get a nosebleed everytime I look at my phone. So they sent the url link to my phone and asked me to download it.


Further insult dude.


so that's why I was so determined to go online through my phone.
I spent quite a bit in the Optus website trying to look for instructions to how but the pages refused to show up!!


I googled it.
I spent a fair bit of time looking at numerous pages but they just had the words keywords I was using: 'online', 'phone', 'internet settings' on them

Google, why do you fail me??

In the end, I went to the Sony Ericsson website!
Lo and behold, it said that it can help set up the internet settings in my phone!

I just inserted three detials; country, provider and no #.
And they sent me the settings to my phone!

And now I can go download more wallpapers ;)
Heh heh..

Now.. where are those oil-slicked men?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bringing down the house

After a long and disappointing day in the lab, I decided to make myself some nice herbal mushroom soup and relax.

But it went all wrong when I fell asleep.

I woke up to a loud cackling sound and went outside to be engulfed by smoke!
Took me about three seconds before my brain screamed “SOUP!” at me. So I ran into the kitchen to be greeted by a very, very angry pot…
I nearly burnt it to crisp!!! T____T

The house smells really weird. Fortunately for me, it’s not that typical burnt smell but something much more er… flavourful? Haha!
An interesting tangy bitter burnt smell. I actually quite like it!!! Although, that coud be the fumes talking.

What about the pot you ask?
I managed to salvage it with a full hour of scrubbing with the trusty old baking soda and some cream cleanser. Woo!
But the lid looks real bad. The inside is just charcoal black. I might be able to get it to shine again but will probably take another hour.

Imagine the state of my sponge!!

It resembles a very tanned Spongebob Squarepants!
Okay, I shouldn’t be laughing because I could have burnt down my kitchen.

I googled 'burnt Spongebob' and found this!

OMG! They killed Spongebob!

How could anyone do this to him?!

Alright boys and girls, let this be a lesson to you!!
No sleeping when you're cooking!

*reaches out for a box of cereal*

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Whatever happened in the past week felt so surreal.
But yet evidence of the week's events lay around my room...
my room which feels cold and empty now.

It's been two days since mom left
and yet my heart still aches.

I really, really miss her.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Graduation Scare Part II

Okay, part two of this was unintentional of course.
But this time it’s my fault so I can’t blame it on anyone! *pouts*

We (as in my family and I… Yes, my mom and aunt are here!) were advised to arrive 2 hours before the actual time of the ceremony so I planned to get there early.
So we hopped onto an early bus to make our way into the city when about three bus stops later I realized I HAD FORGOTTEN THE GUEST TICKETS!
Yes, the guest tickets that I had to through so much hassle to get!

So we got off and I rushed back to get them

Luckily for me, I arrived on time and went on to grab my seat ticket and my gown! WOO!

^ with Dr Helena Ward

As I going out posing for pictures, my seat ticket slipped out of my hand!!

Yes, now you all know that I am very clumsy with my things.
Sharon once said that she wouldn’t be surprised if I’d lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on. She even went and bought me a bag to keep my stuff when I returned back to Brunei last July.
(Hey! I keep misplacing my stuff because I brought all my bags to Adelaide!)

I think she doesn’t like the gripping feeling of fear whenever I go, “I think I lost my purse!”

Anyho! I talking to Danjiel when I realized it happened so the conversation went something like, “Yeah! I’m doing good! My mom’s here and----OH SHIT!”
Everyone was like, “What what what??!”
But I had already run off!

I was starting to panic as I made my through the crowds in search of my ticket. I rummaged through my mom’s bag but we couldn’t find it. Eeek!

So I went into the registration section (where I had gotten my seat ticket in the first place) and explained that I lost it when someone made an announcement and SAID MY NAME.

The voice said my name and asked me to locate the ‘Duty Manager’.
So the lady who was I was trying to explain to, guided me to the Duty Manager where my ticket was.

I felt soooo relieved.

The everything else in the ceremony went smoothly.
Athough I wished I didn’t return the gown so early though
Should have taken more photos!!

^with my Aunt Irene!
She got me the cute Graduation Koala!

My mom and I :)
I know I'm short -_-

It felt so surreal and when I look at my mom right now, I can’t believe she’s here with me!
But it’s been great :)
She’s leaving tomorrow though :(

How time flies…

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