Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maru and his antics

I am officially obsessed with this cat.

I first spotted this cat on and am hooked since.

Its a Scottish Fold and is called Maru; pronounced as "Meh-ru" which
basically means 'Round' in Japanese. How apt!

With a set of inquisitive eyes, and a playful nature,
this cat won me over in this video.

I have never ever seen a cat do that before!

I prefer dogs over cats but if all cats are as cute as Maru,
then I wouldn't mind getting one!

Maru is really curious but intelligent. At first, it may seem like a silly cat as it sticks its head into paper bags (with a hole in the other end), bubble wrap and the like.

However, it begins to walk around the house in a routine manner and taking its time looking at its surroundings through the bags, which suggests its intelligence.

If you're interested, you can follow Maru and its antics through its owner's blog at Although it's predominantly in Japanese, there are English translations in the blog entries.. or rather Engrish translations.

There's an archive of blog entries in the top left corner of the blog and you can scroll through past entries at the bottom of the blog. And best of all, it's updated fairly regularly ;)

Isn't Maru just too cute?

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