Friday, May 30, 2008

Am i ...

... the only girl who is unfazed by this?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Boys in shorts

Forgive me for thinking that soccer is a game where overgrown
men chase a ball into a massive net and nothing more.

But I'm slowly learning the game.
Heck, I even know what an offside is!
That's not too bad for a girl, ya know!

Anyway, it was a while back but when I heard a korean soccer
team was playing against Adelaide United, I jumped at the chance!
Fit Korean guys in shorts?
MmmmMM, I'm there baby!!

^The few Adelaide supporters among the Korean crowd!

As international students, we were invited to a pre-party to meet some members of the team, indulge in finger foods and win prizes.

You could get your face painted too!! :)

Mel with her awesomous face paint

Like I said, there were prizes to be won!
So Rudi and I huddled near the stage where the host
was so we had a better chance of getting noticed!
But poor Rudi was often overlooked by the host.
And you'd think I'd be missed too but I know
effective ways to make up the lack of height.
(Basically I just kept hopping up and down, waving my arm like an idiot)

It paid off when I won an autographed cap!

But what I really wanted was the autographed scarf!


But then there was an even bigger prize, well, two actually!
Two autographed footballs to be given away!

And to win it, you've got to beat your opponent in a
'who can spin the ball the longest on yer finger' face off!

The first thing that went through my mind was "I CAN DO THAT!!"
although I haven't spun a ball on my finger in like 5 years.

Unfortunately, Rudi and I weren't picked :(

Challengers 1 and 2

They were given 30 seconds to practice. In that time, the dude on the right spun the ball so hard that it flew towards the face of a member of the audience!

So I'm pretty sure you can tell who won!

Anyway, when the second ball was up for grabs, an eager sea of hands went up.
I didn't put my hand up this time because I hesitated; I didn't think I could do it.
Plus I'd hate losing!

After a quick scan, the host asked, "Why aren't any girls participating?"
With urging from Melaine and the sudden rush of adrenaline, my hand shot up!

Thus I found myself taking up the challenge..

Was so determined to win that I didn't notice that my opponent was kinda cute. Hehe!

The determination paid off because... I WON!

Wooo! *prances*

I mean, look at that! How can I not win?
(Okay... I outlasted the guy by a second or so. Heh. But a win is a win!)

But enough about me, me, me!

Back to the game!!
It was a cold night so I was freezing my butt off!
It got a bit boring as no one was getting any goals.
With about 20 minutes left in the game, Adelaide United scored!


The game ended 1-0!

The Korean players (Pohang Steelers)!

Sadly, I did not spot any superbly good-looking Korean boy or player.
But I can't complain too much! I won an autographed football after all!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Plastered smile


Hands up if you have to plaster a smile on whenever someone takes your photo?!
And when they take ages to press the damm button, you feel like a grinning idiot.
I don't know about you but sometimes I feel my lips quiver from trying to hold a smile.


When they do snap the pic, you close your eyes! (Well, I do that often anyway)
The camera-person would throw a hissy-fit and make you go through the horrible ordeal again!

Anyway, Canon has come up with the idea of a 'smile detection' function in their cameras!
No more waiting for the camera-person to snap a pic!!
Woo hoo!

It'll be much easier to self-indulge in your vanity (or in order words: cam-whore) too!
Just set the camera down somewhere, take your time posing and when you're satisfied with your pose, just smile! :D
Woo hoo!! No more waiting for the timer to go off!

And onto something completely unrelated:
Remember that Maroon 5 song 'She will be loved'? The one with the lyrics of "look for the girl with the broken smile"

Sharon asked me once how the smile would look like. She'd try to do a broken smile.
Of course, she failed.
Anyway, I don't know about you but I picture a girl smiling with broken teeth instead.
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